Monday, July 28, 2008

Fabulous Movie Review®

Batman Begins
So, a new Batman movie came out a few weeks ago, perhaps you've heard of it, and everybody has been raving about it. Apparently, this is the second Batman movie starring Christian Bale. Who knew? Not I, friend, not I. Well, dangit, I can't watch the new one without seeing the last one...

How, you might ask, did Batman Begins escape my movie radar? No clue. Although I've tossed around a few theories*.

  1. Generally speaking, I hate comic book movies, and with Netflix I have more flexibility with the movies I watch and don't get stuck renting something just because there's nothing else that I haven't seen. The problem with Netflix is that you can miss some movies that you might otherwise like since you don't have a giant wall of movies to stare at.
  2. Batman & Robin sucked so bad that my brain went into survival mode and completely blocked out any memory of or desire to see anything Batman related ever again.
  3. Katie Holmes. It was around this time that I made the life affirming decision to never ever watch another Tom Cruise movie for the rest of my life. Perhaps, at that time my zealotry extended to her as well. I can't remember, but it seems plausible.

Saturday night was designated Batman Begins night. I settled down with a bottle of Legend Pilsner and a big bowl of popcorn (popped on the stove, not in the microwave, and not Jiffy pop either, jackass). To say I was excited would be not far from the truth.

Ok, enough already. Here's what I thought (stolen from

Batman Begins is excellent, a-one, admirable, blue-chip, bravo, bully, capital, choice, classic, estimable, famous, fine, first rate, generous, good, great, magnificent, matchless, meritorious, nifty, outstanding, peerless, prime, select, spiffy, sterling, stupendous, super, superb, superior, superlative, terrific, top-notch, tops, transcendent, unparalleled, unrivaled, valuable, wonderful, worthy.

Gagknee's Grade: A

*It's #2, in case you wanted to know.

Has it really been almost 20 years since Michael Keaton first starred as Batman? Incredible.


Big A said...

Batman and Robin may not be the worst movie ever made, but it's certainly in the ballpark.

gagknee said...

its standing on 3rd base waiting for the suicide squeeze sign.

YouWho said...

Hey, we just watched it for the first time this weekend too. I also had an "Oh, Katie's in this..." moment. I thought it was pretty good, although I don't know about 'A' material... it was a little too high-strung for me.

gagknee said...

i probably should have given it an A-, so that if Dark Knight is better, I don't have to give Dark Knight an A+