Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Neighbor's Lawnmower Fetish Exposed!

I didn't get them all. There's a riding mower under a tarp and at least one other junk push mower on her patio, but I caught an earful from her the other day about trespassing on her property, and I'm afraid that I would burst into an expletive-laden rant if I ever have to speak to her again.

This is what I see outside my kitchen window. Grow lilac bushes! Grow!


Lawnmowers in the pale moonlight. I like the purple one with the bicycle wheels.


In the pile of junk in the driveway.


Lawnmower hide-n-seek. Found you! Oh wait a minute...is that poison ivy? It would explain the rash I've had on my legs the past two weeks. The riding mower is under that blue tarp. She actually asked me to fix it, and I could use it, as long as I mowed her back yard too. I was considering it too, until she accused me of bringing a "whole bunch of people" onto her property. Bag.


I call this one "Emasculated Mower".


I'm not going to tell you why I call it that. Art is meant to be interpreted.


Rob said...

You are too nice. I would call the county. She is insane.

krista said...

wow, that's nuts!! Man am I ever thankful for the large trees between me and my neighbor's junk, uh errr collections.