Thursday, July 10, 2008

Boogie Sheds

Trim's all done around the roof. Not relishing the idea of banging in nails upside down on a ladder, I opted to wait on doing the soffits because I ran out of nails for the framing nailer.


I hated doing the siding on the gables. Theres some trick to it that I don't know. Anyway, I have some gaps where my angle was off. Ah, well. It will be covered by trim eventually.


The tar paper and drip edges went up to. Just in time for some big rain storms. I just hope the tar paper doesn't come off before I get a chance to shingle.


Drip edge is a pain too. Especially when its windy out.

Shingles, doors and windows...almost there.


pilgrimchick said...

Your shed looks great. It must feel good to have so much finished on it.

gagknee said...

thanks. progress has been slow lately though...