Monday, July 21, 2008

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Ew. The cinematography made me nauseous. Nah, I kid. Good movie, but not great. I like that it was filmed from the perspective of the characters, camcorder style. However, the cameraman was kind of a shipdit and I am glad he died. Too bad his death wasn't more dramatic like my cat tearing apart a mouse or a bird or a vole.

It was really short though (that could be good or bad based on your ideas of how long a movie should be). I wished it would have been longer, or at least that the first 30 minutes of getting-to-know-the-characters time had been used for more running-from-the-monster time.

Gagknee's Grade: B-

Jeez louise. If you know anybody who told you this movie was bad before you saw it, raise your hand.

Worse than Talladega Nights, Not even semi-funny, I laughed not once. NOT ONCE.

I'm so disappointed in you, Mr. Ferrell. It'll take more than Stranger than Fiction 2 or Elf's Revenge for me to every say you can carry a movie again.

Can't really blame the guy though. We all do this at work. Sometimes we take the easy way out. At the end of the week you're going to get paid, whether you convert some 25 year old COBOL banking software into a .NET web app or if you spent all your time downloading new extensions for FireFox. As long as your productive weeks outnumber your lazy weeks you're good, right?

This is your mulligan, Mr. Ferrell, your lazy week (er, movie). Now get back to work!

Gagknee's Grade: D

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