Monday, October 27, 2008

Bacon, Lattice and Tomato

Sunday was a beautiful day and I was able to get more done on the lattice.

First up was filling in the space around the stairs.

Stairing at the back wall I decided that there was a lot of usable space under there for storing stuff, like my ladder for instance.

So I left a gap in the middle where I will make a small door.

A closer view underneath. The kids were playing under there after they got tired of painting. Watch out for black widows!


mike gagne said...

this has nothing to do with your shed, but i really didnt like the last episode of the office and maybe it is jumping the shark.


gagknee said...

me neither. i was going to post about it but i forgot, now it seems too late.

crime-aid was pretty lame.

jim/pam is nauseating.

andy/dwight/angela is a little disgusting.

mike gagne said...

the michael/holly story had potential to be funny but they ruined it by making them have sex before they went on their first date. every character seems contrived now.

gagknee said...

i anticipate a menage a trois between jan, michael and holly this week.

gagknee said...

roy will make a surprise visit to pams college and jim will suddenly have an attraction to indian girls.

and dwight and oscar will hook up after having too many margaritas at applebees.

mike gagne said...

yes, exactly.

and toby will come back from costa rica as a female and creed and kevin will both find her attractive.

mike gagne said...

and then they'll all have sex.

gagknee said...

haha. good call about toby.