Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Last night at 3 am while sitting on the couch calculating how much lattice I need for skirting on the shed and watching some stupid show on E! (it was either that or an Extenze infomercial) about money making actresses (cash cows I think they called them) and their $7 million apartments in New York, $6000 a night hotel stays, and $15000 wedding gowns, I had an epiphany. Raise taxes on the middle class? Small businesses? Evil Corporate America? Big Oil?


Raise the effective tax rate on any member of the Screen Actors Guild to something north of 60%. Way north. And being the good liberals most of them are they should be glad to do it. Its their patriotic duty and the fair thing to do. No deductions either.

Note: I did zero research for this post so if they are already paying 60% I stand corrected. Somehow I doubt they are, which is why I didn't do any research.


Granite said...

Amen, brotha

gagknee said...

maybe they should create a whole new tax bracket just for people who make exhorbitant amounts of money but contribute nothing of real value to society.