Saturday, October 25, 2008

Lattice Pray

I'm wearing my wigger jeans tonight. Thats it, I just felt like saying "wigger".

Went out to Home Depot last night and got myself some lattice. The stuff is a pain in a neck to load into a vehicle. It catches on everything. Luckily, a nice couple came over and helped me load it. They startled me, and I jumped and let out an involuntary "holy crap!". At least I don't scream like a girl.

Sweet sweet lattice.

Unfortunately when I woke up this morning at 6:30 (thanks kids) it was raining out. Kind of a bummer, but at least it was warm.

I set the kids up with paint brushes and had them begin to prime the shed while I began working on the lattice. We had to take frequent breaks for sudden downpours.

The first thing I had to do was rip a 2 x 6 into 3/4 wide strips to use as trim on the lattice skirting.

The slope of the yard adds a degree of difficulty to this operation. Here I snapped a chalkline, which I didn't bother to do on the other sides. Waste of time.

I had no idea what the best way to cut this crap is, but I settled on snapping a chalkline and using the jig saw. A circular saw seem like overkill.

Test fitting the first pieces that I cut. As you can see it doesn't line up with the chalkline, which is why i didn't bother with the chalkline any more.

Test fitting the other side. At this point I was thinking, "oh CRAP. How do I do the stairs?"

Attaching the previously ripped 3/4 inch strips of wood.

The rain slowed me down. This is all I got done today. Tomorrow is supposed to be nice.

It was raining pretty good out while I was attaching the two sections of lattice in the previous photo. The battery in my cordless drill was dead and I was using the corded one. I was a bit nervous about getting electrocuted. Not nervous enough to stop working though...

At this point it was time for dinner, so I called it a day. I was going to cook flounder and I decided that I wanted to fry it. Unfortunately, I tossed the filets in confectioner's sugar instead of flour. It wasn't bad though. Not as bad as when a couple of weeks ago while stir frying some chicken I dumped in a half a bottle of crushed red pepper. I took the cap off and thought it had one of those sifter things on the bottle. It turns out the cap is the sifter thing.


cthaviland said...

I did the same thing one time with garlic powder...

Heidi said...

sweetish fish!

gagknee said...

ooo. my wife did that the other day at a pizza place. she thought it was parmesan cheese.

HA! good one heidi.