Monday, October 06, 2008

Ivy of the Poisonous Persuasion

My fourth case this summer (err, I guess its not summer anymore), not as bad as the last and none as worst as the first.


L-DUB said...

Sorry Man that sucks.

I had a bad case this summer also, it was my first ever. I went to the DR and they gave me prednisone script which I took for about a week and then stopped early. Stopping the pills cold-turky caused me to break out into a rash that was worse the the posion ivy. I had to go back on the pills and slowly wean off of them.

I think next time, I suffer with the posion ivy instead of taking the pills.

L-DUB said...

Oh yah... Another great side effect of the pills was that I couldn't sleep. I got about 1-2 hours of sleep each night.

gagknee said...

i have a tube of stuff i got from a dr for poison ivy i got two summers ago, so i used that. i can't tell if it really works though. i suspect its just a placebo. straight vaseline.

did you go out and find a rave?