Friday, August 14, 2009

A Limit on Funny

Think about this the next time you are commenting on a blog or in Facebook or any other medium where your insight may or may not be welcome: when you say something is "too funny" you are putting a limit on funny. You are essentially saying to the commentee that they've crossed the line of an acceptable amount of funny and that they should dial it down a notch to a level more socially acceptable.

"That Charlie Manson, he was too violent"

"I was in New England in January and it was just too cold for me"

"Mexican food can sometimes be too hot for me"

"Did you see that picture of Bobby Joe in the pool on Facebook? It was too funny"

Don't we have enough limits placed on us in our daily lives without trying to quash the funny? The next time you read something and gasp in horror and outrage at how funny it is, just let it go.


Pete said...

man, that andy, he's too good looking.

gagknee said...

good example. even if it's impossible to be too good looking.

Nathan Gagne said...

That picture gave me a great idea for water baptisms at Uturn.