Monday, August 03, 2009


I'll admit I didn't know much about or even care about the Suzuki Samurai before. Until Friday. I stumbled upon a photo of a modified one and it intrigued me. Maybe I've been living under a rock, but I didn't know these things were any more than chick cars. I did a little digging and apparently they are quite capable off road vehicles with good support from the aftermarket. Suspension lifts, body lifts, lockers, bumpers... You name it, they've got it.

Here's a video from you tube in case you are skeptical like me.

Anyway, I searched for them on craigslist and I was surprised how much people are asking for them. They may be cool and unique, but they are no Jeep Wrangler. I could get a Cherokee for the same price and while it wouldn't have a removable roof, it would be able to haul, you know, stuff.

$2850 for this one. Ouch. You're kidding, right?

Ah well. Maybe I will stumble upon a really good deal.


Nathan Gagne said...

gagknee said...

sweet! the first one looks a little rough for 1500, but the second one. i wonder if i can tow it home behind the van :)