Monday, October 19, 2009

Restaurants to which I have been

We've been to two seafood restaurants recently. One blew, one was the complete opposite of blowing. Hmm. No. I guess that would be sucking, which isn't right either. It was fabulous.


Bland, plasticky food only a nursing home resident could love. Their claim to fame is bread cooked and served in a flower pot. Kinda cool, but what does a flower pot have to do with the sea? Absolutely nothing. If it had been cooked in a chum bucket, well, now, that would be something.


I was leary of the newly opened Shackleford's because of my Spinnaker's experience, but I needn't have worried. The food was spectacular.

From the dinner rolls to the calamari appetizer (I shouldn't have told my daughter who liked it that she was eating squid) and finally to my scallops florentine entree, I was in heaven. I ate some from everybody's plate when they couldn't finish their meals. That doesn't happen very often.

Here's the description of my meal from the menu:

Pan seared jumbo scallops served over wilted spinach, apple wood smoked bacon and
sautéed fondant potatoes. Finished with hollandaise.

Me so hungry right now.


HeatherLynn said...

sounds much better than the vending machine chicken chunks i just ingested! *feels nauseated*


gagknee said...

Hmm. Thanks. I'll add 'vending machine chicken' to my list of foods to avoid.

EssBee said...

Couldn't agree more! Spinnakers should just give up. I haven't tried Shakleford's, but based on your recommendation, we'll have to try it soon!

gagknee said...

you won't be disappointed