Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Malta Goyaaaaauck

Yesterday while buying the ginger beer I noticed several other flavors of soda from Goya and I was intrigued. Today I picked up a bottle of Malta Goya, a non-alcoholic malt beverage says the label.

My initial impression upon popping the top was one of disgust. A cloud of sweet molassesy air went straight up my nose. The first sip nearly made me lose my lunch, if I had eaten lunch yet that is. Its like watered down molasses. For my next magical trick I am going to drink high fructose corn syrup on the rocks.

I'm determined to drink the whole thing though (still working on it as I type). The taste lingers on the palate for a long time. Time for another sip.

*shudders* Blech. Hispanics can keep their Bud Clamato and their Malta Goya. I won't infringe on that part of their culture anymore.


HeatherLynn said...

Oh, wow, is it really THAT bad? *giggles* I want to try it!

kind of like when you find something rotten smelling...and you shove it in the face of someone else and be like "SMELL THIS!!!""

Ever drink those five hour energy shots? those things taste like butt too!


gagknee said...

oh yeah. it was that bad. i drank the whole thing, but i can still taste it now.

i've never tried one of the 5 hour energy shots. is it like concentrated red bull? because that stuff is gross.

i usually stay clear of any of the energy drinks. they make me real jittery and i get a bad head ache at the base of my skull.

Pete said...

the year Nacho Libre came out we had a uturn "Fiesta" friday night. we had cases of those. they're disgusting. nacho pillsbury drank like 4. i was impressed and unnerved.

HeatherLynn said...

Um, I think redbull tastes like "sweet tart water"....the five hour energy drink is more like berry flavored gasoline. It's really not great...I did a blog post on it a couple months ago....


go can read ALLLLLL about it! :)


Nathan said...

I hate them too. I like how its next to a sponge. I imagine sucking on a sponge would taste similar.

gagknee said...

pete/nate. thats cool. i'm glad i have somewhat who can back up my story. it makes me look less off-kilter and ranty.

i took the picture of the bottle by the sink before i drank it. my high school english teacher would call it "foreshadowing". hehe