Monday, May 18, 2009

Inferiority Duplex

It really bugs me when someone who I feel is an inferior developer, and I don't mean inferior to me specifically, but inferior to every person who I have ever worked with, is given a task which involves an enhancement to something that I originally built.

It always means three things, I am going to be asked a lot of questions which I will either have to ignore or waste valuable energy coming up with the vaguest answers possible (who am I kidding...I love doing that), I will get blamed for whatever P.O.S. gets launched into production because I birthed that baby and there's no such thing as giving it up for adoption (translation: I was the original developer attached to the project and nobody will ever forget that until I die or sample the green grass on the other side of the fence (translation: get a new job)), and finally, I will have to fix it at some point in the future, a task which I am doing right now on something else.

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