Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Pet Sematary

Some of you who read this here collection of non-sensical rants, raves and reviews might remember me mentioning my neighbor's he-whore cat who lives in her junk pile with 5 other cats. The same cat who deflowered one of our cats when she was just 9 months (that's like 14 in people years).

Well, about a month and a half ago I noticed he had what looked to be an infection in one of his eyes. I didn't think much of it at the time other than, gross (Also at this time, I noticed one of the other cats was walking on three legs and half its tail was gone).

Fast-forward to this weekend as I watched him amble out to sit in the middle of the cul-de-sac, and thought, that thing ain't right. Barely able to walk, fur all matted, and both his eyes a mess, I figured he was pretty near to a trip down to kitty hell, where all the kitty sex offenders go. I was surprised at his transformation from virile pervert to creaky, near-death lech in such a short period of time.

Anyway, today I stepped outside and was greeted with this sitting in my wheel well.

Taking these pictures was a little unnerving. I like my eyes to remain in their current location, and not to be clawed out of my head.

This is a separate story, but one I thought I'd share. I can see the the junk pile from my kitchen window. One sunny Saturday morning last summer, he was out there in plain view "going to town" on one of the other cats. Off and on for what seemed like an hour. I didn't know whether to respect him or be disgusted by him. Eventually, I went outside and yelled, "break it up you two" and squirted the hose at them.


Anonymous said...

Did you call the humane society or the police? Poor car!

gagknee said...

yes, they didn't come.

Nathan Gagne said...

Call your local investigative reporter. Like

gagknee said...

Oooo. good idea