Monday, February 26, 2007

Get out of here you lousy....season

I thought that I was going to make it through a winter completely unscathed for the first time in my life. Adult life, that is. It's hard to imagine winter scathing a child. "Ohhhh no school today? Aww man."

No ice dams, dead batteries, transmission replacements, accidents, strandings, shoveling, frostbite, or running out of oil in the middle of the night.

But alas, it was not meant to be.

We left NH last night at 6 pm. No sooner than four hours later after leaving the friendly confines of New England, the snow started to fall in the Evil Empire State.

It never occurred to us to check the Weather Channel before we left.

I made it to Fishkill and turned off the highway and sat in a Tarmart parking lot listening to AM radio weather reports. I knew instinctively that if I could make it to Wilkes-Barre and past the mountains everything would be alright.

The forecast said 2 to 4 inches and there were a lot of reports of accidents. Ugh.

What to do. What to do.

The snow was coming down pretty hard.

Eh. Let's get back on the highway.

I kept driving. All white knuckle-like over the Hudson river and promptly pulled over in Newburgh and found myself and my family a room at the barely Quality Inn. It was 11:30 pm.

It was the sensible thing to do. It's one thing to risk your own life which you've wasted, but with three young'uns aboard, who have barely even gotten a chance to taste the bittersweetness of life, I decided it was best to swallow my pride and wait till morning.

Of course, it didn't hurt that I reeeeeallly didn't want to go to work on Monday after being up all night. Although, it would have been funny.

"Hey, Andy, my computer is slow today"

"Oh really? Did it ever occur to you THAT I DON'T CARE?"


Big A said...

When I was a kid, we took a trip and the car broke down in fishkill on the way there AND on the way back.

gagknee said...

hehe. with a name like fishkill...