Tuesday, February 27, 2007


My day at work.

It's a good thing I got a good night's sleep.

Within 5 minutes of arriving:

"I need my java plug in upgraded to the version that is compatible with the new daylight savings time"

"Theres a new hire who started yesterday and she needs access to everything. and a phone. and a computer"

"did you start working on that database for death puts?"

"i hate you"

On the bright side, my boss did say I could move to the other cube that I wanted.

I got ridiculed twice today by two separate people. Once by the other half of the ambigulously gay duo and once by some other doofus on the phone.

My head is too stuffed up to elaborate, but suffice to say both incidents were similar to Kreblog's Ya think incident.

Ok. I will elaborate a little. The first incident with AmbiGayGuy involved the new person who started yesterday. She had previously worked at our company up until 5 months ago and now she is back. I asked AmbiGayGuy, "Where is she now, in orientation?" To which he replied, "She's like, she can write her own ticket. She's been here for like 20 years. She doesn't need orientation."

In reality, she's 29 years old.

The other incident was over the phone and was pretty much "how can you be so stupid as to not know every nuance of the 17 stages of getting a person access to proprietary software written by a contractor for a company we bought out in 1999."

In theory, neither statement should really bother me, but of course they did. Probably due in part because my head is stuffed up and I am relegated to the mouth breather social class, it is hard to talk and come up with a snappy retort. Hence, I feel powerless.


skape7 said...

I find "Bite me" usually suffices quite nicely.

Rob said...

Haha... Mouth breather.

EssBee said...

You could just leave used kleenex on their desks when you come by to help them with their computers. I know, that's gross, but they'd probably get the message.

gagknee said...

oh. susan. that is the best idea EVER.

gagknee said...

"Bite me" is what i am going to start using when you leave me sarcastic comments, skape7