Monday, February 05, 2007

House Hunters

I'd like to create a TV show called House Hunter Hunters. It would be about a man who hunts down all of these weiners who appear on the show House Hunters complaining about not having a 2nd guest bedroom or a master bath that doesn't have a tub and a separate shower, or being forced to use their exercise equipment in the same room that the computer is in, kidnaps them and forces them to live in a 1300 sq ft 1970s ranch with (egads!) pine kitchen cabinets and faux wood countertops, a master bath with only one sink, ONE!, and berber carpet throughout. Or he would just slap them around and make them cry.

Pansies. You wouldn't last a day.


YouWho said...

Berber? Ooooo aren't you fancy! No shag.

skape7 said...

Hahahaha, good plan! I've never seen House Hunters, but I imagine that it's exactly the same as every other reality show about a bunch of whiny people.