Friday, February 09, 2007

Seagull Walk. Seagull Run.

I hit a seagull during one of my commutes this week. It was all so surreal. He didn't try to fly away. He was just walking across the highway and never made any attempt to get away. I couldn't stop or slow down or swerve (not that I wanted to, stupid sky rat) because of heavy traffic. It all happened in slow motion. One second he was waddling across the highway, the next I hear the dull thump of his head against my undercarriage. The next day he was still there in the middle of the highway, frozen solid (stupid dump dove) one wing up in the air.

Today at lunch, while eating my Kung Pao Chicken, I thought of my friend, the flying vermin, and shed a tear. Poor little fella.

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Beastie said...

If he made no attempt to get away, he very well may have been attempting to commit suicide. You were probably doing him a favor...