Friday, February 09, 2007

Worst. Week. Ever.

Luckily it went by fast. I can't even begin to describe all of the assinine, mind numbing tasks I had to complete this week. It's going to get worse too because BO is out for 8 weeks on disability.

I did about 4 hours of programming this week, and half of that was an Access application and VBA. Again, not what I signed up for.

There's an empty cube that I want to move to. It's more private plus I could look outside (oh glorious windows!), but I can't decide if I should just move there and suffer any consequences or ask permission first. What are they gonna do, fire me? Oh, um, maybe :)

Here's a map of where I currently sit.

There's a lot of traffic. It's noisy. I don't like people staring at the back of my head all day. I'm a baby.


shaun said...

dude, what language DID you sign up for?

Big A said...

Move. In my experience forgiveness is always easier to obtain than permission.

gagknee said...


My thoughts exactly, big a

gagknee said...

actually, when I said "i didn't sign up for this" i was referring to any non-technical duties i ahve been assigned to. while VBA is annoying i can accept that as part of my general "technical analyst" duties.

YouWho said...

I second: Move. Come up with a good reason why moving without asking was to help out your boss.

And now I shall reminisce about a group we were in, trying to move buildings: It was excrutiating trying to negotiate a move to the other building, where a huge chunk of empty cubes was available but "owned" by another dept. Nonetheless, we moved, with tacit approval of our VP. That same day, the other dept's Director wandered over and started harranguing us (or, V, more accurately) for moving into "his" cubes and how we better not get comfortable. We do our best "hey we're just doing what we're told" impression.

Later at a staff meeting, I relay the story to our VP, thinking we might have started a real showdown. He says: "A man in Joe Shmoe's condition should be careful." Empty glances around the table. I say, "What's Joe's condition?" VP: "He's an asshole." Case closed. A few weeks later Joe departs the company. As fate would have it, Joe ends up at the same company as me a year later. Luckily he doesn't remember any of it.