Friday, February 09, 2007

You Always Hurt the One Who Loves You

I love Pringles. However, sometimes when I eat a whole can, it creates a sore at one of the corners of my mouth, due to a combination of the salt and the chafing action of the edges of the chips.

A sore at the corner of your mouth is annoying for two reasons. One, every time you open your mouth it splits open and two, people think you have herpes. I get tired of telling people I don't have herpes.


Big A said...

I get around that problem by licking all of the flavor off the chip first and the putting the slightly soggy remainder of the chip in my mouth. However, it's not a panacea as it usually leaves my tounge kind of raw.

gagknee said...

pringles are the culinary equivalent of particle board.

YouWho said...

I have never experienced this problem in my life. Are you sure you're eating them right? You're not going in wide side first are you? Now, Cap'n Crunch ripping apart the roof of my mouth -- that I have experienced.