Monday, February 12, 2007

Quit It. Quit It. Quit It. Quit It.

For three straight days, my right deltoid has been twitching. Not the whole thing, but just one small section. The same section every time though. No pain. Just a twitch. I should search on WebMD. It's probably a zinc oxide deficiency or something stupid like that.

Here's a short video to prove it. No laughing at my freckly peach fuzzy arm. Click on the picture.


Rob said...

Access Denied: The requested URL has been associated with the following categories: Adult/Mature Content;Streaming Media/MP3s.

I'll probably be fired.

Big A said...

So the arm holding the camera is the one that is twitching? Because all I see is the camera bouncing around a lot.

gagknee said...

hahahahahaha. sorry rob.

big a... look closer.