Thursday, September 13, 2007

At Work

Yesterday morning I was locked in a small office with three other people who do nothing but yell and argue with each other. I had to feign illness and leave. There's no need of me being there for that. All I need to do my job is a list of your requirements, preferably by email.

Today at 1:00, this guy nobody really likes because he is a belligerent a-hole comes into my office and proceeds to be a belligerent a-hole. Apparently, he doesn't know Rule #1: Be nice to your IT guy. I wish I could say I really mucked up the program that runs that makes his life easier, but I can't. However, I did accidentally prevent it from running for the rest of the afternoon. Oops.

Today at 5:20 (twenty minutes past my scheduled time of departure) this other guy walks in and asks me how hard it would be to scrape all the accounts off this screen, scrape all of the accounts off this screen, and then for all the accounts that don't appear on on both, delete each worksheet and recreate it as some other type of worksheet.

I said, "It shouldn't he hard at all. To which he replied, "Oh, can you do it by 6:30 before the system shuts down tonight?"


I wish I could do an impersonation of him in my blog. Ooo, I could make an MP3 of myself. Nah.

He apparently doesn't know Rule #3: "Don't put off bringing a problem to your IT guy until he is logging for the night, what you could have brought to him that morning."



skape7 said...

So what's Rule#2?

gagknee said...

oh, let me post about it.

David said...

You wanted him to bring you dope in morning? At least wait until lunch.