Thursday, September 20, 2007

Oh, Please, Let Me Opine About the Red Sox

You won't here me talk about the Red Sox very often in ye olde blog, mostly because I get too emotional and therefore inarticulate about expressing my opinions, but also because there are many people who do it much better than I could and many forums where the idiot masses already add to the noise pollution on the interweb.

But after seeing the division lead slip to 1 1/2 games, I feel that I need, no, must make my opinion known.

This season has sucked. If you look at that team and the amount of talent it has, that pitching staff, oh my, we should have been the 2001 Seattle Mariners. But, no, we're supposed to be okay with just slipping into the postseason. It doesn't matter how you get there, you say. Right.

I wanted that division title. I wanted all of these freakin' Yankees fans to eat their own shorts if for only one season and have to settle for something less.

Oh, sure, we won a World Series. I know. That's exactly my point. We won a World Series, and humiliated the Yankees in the process, so we are now free from that "must win it all" mentality. If you beat someone at chess, don't you also want to beat them at checkers? It doesn't mean as much, but it's another notch in your headboard.

"Ha. You suck at chess and now you are so lame you suck at checkers too"

Unfortunately, this team, its manager and its front office don't feel the same way.

Just sell more pink hats and Red Sox Nation cards. Yay!

Somebody light a fire. It's an entire team of listless, emotionless J.D. Drews.

If we can't win the division, then I would rather that the Tigers have gotten the wild card.

Eff you, Red Sox, if you sneak into the playoffs as the wild card, then I hope you get swept. I'm done.


Rob said...

Wow. I never thought I would see the day.

Heidi said...

i am not a red sox fan, nor a fan of baseball really, but i have watched enough of the last few games and seen the sports hilites the next day, to be of the opinion that they are idiots.

gagknee said...

its a lousy team.

corporate yes-men in starched blue suits who punch out at 5, collect their paychecks and don't care about anything else.

i hate it.