Thursday, September 13, 2007


Just finished watching the third and final season of Deadwood. Man, I can't believe it was cancelled. It truly was one of the greatest shows I have ever watched, and like in the immediate aftermath of watching all three seasons of Arrested Development, I feel like I have lost some friends. Hard drinking, murdering, cussing, and womanizing friends, but friends nonetheless.

Not articulate enough to really describe the quality of the show effectively, I defer to W. Earl Brown who played Dan Dority in the show:

"But DEADWOOD was a rare thing. It transcended craft into that rarified air of art - Art on television as hard as that may be to believe. It did not require a Masters degree in compartive literature to appreciate - there was enough sex, violence, and "f***s" to keep even the most cretinous viewer glued to the tube. However, if one did possess an understanding and appreciation of literature, there were numerous layers of meaning and allusions in that show. It was to the tv western what Larry McMurtry's western novels were to the hand-me-down dime-store books of my youth."

Yeah. What he said.

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