Thursday, September 20, 2007

At Work

Today was surprisingly a halfway decent, not sucking kind of day at work.

I estimate that about 7 hours of my 9 hour day were spent with headphones on whilst coding. Admittedly, I was trying to fix a 5 year old VB6 program, but I always (snicker) view the glass as half full.

One of Mumbly Joe's underlings, the Belligerent A-Hole, did send out an email copying my Boss, the 5 foot 0 woman who scares the crap out of me, 4 other supervisors and about a dozen other insignificant people, saying that I had not installed two programs on his computer yet rather than just come remind me to do it, but I was basking in the glory that is Icky Thump and other assorted White Stripes albums and truly did not care.


slskenyon said...

Whoa--what a jackass (referencing the message guy). Good thing you had the White Stripes to save you....or really, to save his ass from being seriously kicked.

gagknee said...

i love any comment that uses some form of the word "ass" twice.