Friday, March 02, 2007

Warm Weather Is Good, Says I

The nice thing about warm weather is that I can sneak out of work early because I don't have to put a jacket on. I can just quietly slip my keys into my pocket, lock my computer (but leave the monitor on), and just saunter out like I am just going to the bathroom.

In other work news, I found out my boss lives in Bumpass. That is cool. I should move there.

This guy gave his notice today. No matter how much I hate a job, I NEVER want to be the guy who people rejoice, literally dance in the cubicleways, about when I quit.

Another work week completed another 2 hours of programming performed. So thats 5% of my time spent programming. Yay. I am getting so tired of the headhunters calling me at all hours of the day.


Big A said...

I have developed a reputation for working remotely from various parts of the building. My computer is always locked and I am only at my desk about 30 percent of the time, and I never answer my phone. That way nobody has any idea when I arrive and when I leave. It's great.

gagknee said...

oh. man. i remember you saying that before, but it was before i worked in a big company.

i have a laptop. i could work in any room with a network drop, no wireless unfortunately.