Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Guy who sits next to me gave his notice today. I kinda knew it was coming since he trusted me enough to use me as a reference. Still, it kinda stinks. We both started at this job within a month of each other and were the first developers to work there after a mass exodus of other developers. We shared a lot of WTF moments trying to dissect the massive pile of crap we had inherited where something seemed to go went wrong every single day. While I was relieved to be free of my previous hell at Wackovia, he was living his, accepting this job out of desperation after a move from Buffalo. I can understand his reasoning. Nobody wants to work at a job where your career is not only not moving forward but steadily crawling backward, and that's especially not good in the always moving forward programming world.

I'm sure there will be a bitter custody battle for the fish. I'm not looking forward to that.

I have no legal claim to either of them. He brought one of them in and the other we both adopted. But I fed them and changed their water and scrubbed the algae off the glass. Oh sure go live with Dad. You'll have more fun with him. Oh yeah, sure. Anything goes at Dad's house. At my house you have rules. Some day you'll appreciate those rules. Especially the first time you find Dad nekkid in the front bushes wearing lipstick and a scarf.


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