Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Fabulous Movie Reviews® that I Forgot

There will be Blood - Fantastic acting by Daniel Day Lewis. The man is a genius. Slow though and not for everyone. 8 stars
Silent Hill - Middling horror movie. 6 stars
Tasogare Seibei - Pretty hard to sit through, even for someone like me who likes subtitled samurai movies, for a small payoff in the end. 6.5 stars
American Gangster - Decent. 7 stars.
Crank - Its definitely an adrenaline rush. Pure entertainment. 6.9 stars
You, Me and Dupree - I don't expect anything from Kate Hudson, in fact she's a reason not to watch a movie in my book, but Mr. Wilson, you disappoint me. 5 stars
Wrong Turn - These "inbred hillbilly" movies are all the same. 4 stars

Update: Turns out I already reviewed Tasogare Seibei, but under its English name, Twilight Samurai. And also, these ratings were out of 10 stars.


Heidi said...

if you haven't seen 'shooter' yet, i highly recommend it.

gagknee said...

seen it, loved it :)