Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Andiana Jones and the Shed of Doom

A door, people, a door! With a lock! I should just stop the whole project now, not finish the trim or put up stairs and let all the wood age to a weathered gray.

My gimpy door.

It does look a little silly. Screw it.

Not sure why I went with the black handles when all of the other hardware is silver either.

I also did a little decorating.


Heidi said...

just admit it. the wife kicked you out.

wit said...

yeah man, you're already moving in.

gagknee said...

heidi, that wouldn't be a punishment. although, i don't have electricity yet, so maybe it would be, assuming she turned off the breaker for the outside receptacle or confiscated my 75 feet of extension cords.