Monday, September 08, 2008


I've been using the IMDB MyMovies feature to keep track of what movies I have seen and want to see for years. The problem is the interface sucks. I hate it. Last Friday I got fed up and decided to see if I could find another site that A) has all of the vast movie data that IMDB has and B) has a decent interface for me to save a movie to a list.

Here are the sites I tried so far:

  1. Flixster - At first I thought it was like MySpace but worse. Now that I've seen some of the other sites out there, I am going to take a second look. Two of the movies I used to test these sites, Four of the Apocalypse and Blindman, were here. We'll see. The interface is still a little too MySpacey though. As a sidenote, why the "s" in Flixster? Seems odd to me. Essentially what you have is: Flicksster.

  2. MovieTome - this one seemed promising. The interface is pretty good, but Four of the Apocalypse didn't pull up in my search; Blindman did, albeit without a thumbnail and little else. I'll keep checking this one. Maybe they will pay IMDB for its data.

  3. Rotten Tomatoes - Ungawdly slow. And the interface for creating lists is worse than IMDB's. Does seem to have all the movies I was looking for. At least the few I tried. I got tired of waiting.

  4. Filmcrave - Missing movie data...They had ONE Sergio Corbucci movie. Lame. He's the second most famous spaghetti western director.

  5. Criticker - What an odd site. Has the movie data, but TCIs and PSIs and Kumpels...? I can create a wishlist, but thats not really what I want. Some cool widgets, displaying movies that I've ranked which is kinda cool I guess. I could stick it in this here blog.

After going through all of these sites, it dawned on me that Yahoo! Movies might have the feature I was looking for, and they do, except I get an error when I try to add a movie.

Oops, indeed.

I tried it with four different browsers too, just in case.

So, uh, I guess I am stuck with IMDB, but I will try Flixster for a little while but if I was a betting man, I'd put a c-note down on my head exploding and quitting Flixster within a week.

If IMDB had some kind of API or web service, I would just make my own.

Update: IMDB has a list widget, but I couldn't get it to work.

Update: I just rated all of the movies I've reviewed here in Criticker (I keep wanting to type Cricketeer). Its a little weird. Your ratings seem to be relative to each other. I'm not sure how that works. So, for example, I rate one movie as a 60 and it shows it as "Decent" and then ten movies later I rate another movie as a 60 and it says that its "Bad". Its a small thing I guess, except that second movie that shows as "Bad" I thought was "Decent" which is why I rated it at 60. It really ticks me off. Their recently rated widget leaves a lot to be desired too.

Update: Flixster has a pretty good widget. I just so feel so dirty after going to that site though.

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