Sunday, September 28, 2008

Project Interrupted

The over-the-range microwave in our house was installed with the exhaust fan venting to the inside. Dumb. I want to make it vent to the outside.

There is a vent on the outside wall from a previous exhaust fan which was probably attached to something like this on the inside wall:

Here is the outside vent. This little baby. A nicely rusted steel vent.

I pulled it out so I could look at the hole in the wall.

I like how the remodelers just stuck a piece of 2x4 in the hole and sheetrocked over it.

Now, the problem is that this hole is not even close to where the microwaves exhaust vent is. So, I am going to have to cut a new hole about 8 inches up on the wall and then patch up this hole. Its aluminum siding, so I can't just hop on over to Lowe's and buy a new piece.

Anyway, I was all psyched up to do this project on Saturday, but the MIL and FIL are visiting this weekend and the prospect of being cooped up in the kitchen all day kind of turned me off. So, this is gonna have to wait.


Big A said...

Most likely, there used to be just a regular hood there instead of the microwave, so the old vent was in the wrong place. They probably ran into the same problem you did with the siding and decided they didn't need it that bad.

gagknee said...

probably something like that.

i probably would have done the same if i was flipping a house. it doesn't bother me too much, the half-assed plumbing and broken outlets and switches did though.

Big A said...

by the way, your microwave/hood should have a filter, so even if it blows back into the kitchen, it still helps somewhat.

gagknee said...

it does have a filter. i'm more concerned with getting hot air out of the house.