Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New Shed City

Two weekends in a row without working on the shed. And you thought I was kidding about just letting "all the wood age to a weathered gray."


One of my most desirable traits, besides being able to suck spaghetti up my nose and pull it out my mouth, is that I obsess about getting a project done once its started and I can't start another one until the previous one is completed.

But. I do have many little projects to help me diversify and lessen the boredom of working on o n e p r o j e c t f o r t h e e n t i r e s u m m e r.

Sunday I rearranged our living room and Murphy Oil Soaped all the hardwood floors (heidi would be proud if she remembered who I was), but while I was doing that I noticed something odd about my previously-flipped-by-a-rich-doctor house.

I have a lot of different doorknobs. Seven to be exact. Not including the broken doorknob on the back door (side door actually) and the front door. So hear in all my boring detail is the detail about my doorknobs.

Doorknob #1

Definitely original to the house. Its a long handled version (see next knob), which I have no problem with other than being old and beaten up. It's on my oldest son's closet door.

Doorknob #2

On my son's bedroom door, its the short handled version of the previous knob and I can barely grasp it with more than two fingers all dainty-like. And its really beaten up.

Doorknob #3

This one is brand new, albeit on just as old of a door as the rest of them. I don't, however, like silver doorknobs. Too mobile-homey. Don't call me a snob. Downstairs bathroom.

Doorknob #3

The only other brand-new knob in the house besides the previous knob. I like it. I have no problem with it other than it has a lock and it is on my 3 year old's bedroom door. Yes, there is a small screwdriver handy.

Doorknob #4

The most common knob on the top floor of our house. Definitely original. You can feel 1974 oozing off of it.

Doorknob #5

Yeah, I know what you are saying. Looks just like the last one. No no. It's silver. Used on the two closets of our upstairs bathroom. You know, gold on the outside so all of the casual observers would think we is rich. Hopefully, the don't go to the bathroom and sees the silver knobs on the closets.

Doorknob #6

I think someone picked this up at a yard sale. Nice keyed lock. To a bathroom.

I hope you've enjoyed this tour through my knobs. Stay tuned next week when we journey through the dark recesses of my breaker box.

(oh, yeah, I started this post off touting my ability to stick to a project, then cited a small project about the living room and then went off on a tangent about doors. I'm going to paint the living room and put up crown molding like this and replace all of the doors and subsequently all of the knobs too.


Heidi said...

i, myself, prefer silver fixtures.

gagknee said...

really? maybe if it was a different style of knob i would like it better. i do prefer silver on the kitchen cabinets.

nate said...

I just painted them all black at my house.

gagknee said...

are they old-timey knobs? i think old-timey knobs look good black.