Monday, September 08, 2008

Shed of the Apocalypse

I didn't do much with the shed this past weekend, and you know what? It felt good.

Saturday was mostly rain and Sunday afternoon I spent a few hours going through all the boxes of tools and other debris that I've had in the attic. Going into the attic is a bad idea in midday by the way.

You wouldn't believe how much crap I have. And this is after throwing a way a lot of junk (do I really need a 3 inch piece of scrap PVC pipe?) when we moved down here and again when we moved from the rental house to this house.

Five boxes of finish nails. The sad thing about these nails is that I probably won't EVER use them. These are the old fashioned variety and not the kind you use in a nail gun. The nail gun I've owned for about six years. I couldn't throw the nails out. They are perfectly good. I'll use them for something. Hanging pictures and what not. For the rest of my life.

Also, a medium sized box of individual packages of wood screws in all sorts of sizes. #4 x 1/2 inch. #12 x 1 1/2 inches. I found these at the Barrington transfer station. They were on display rack such as you might find at a hardware store. These are old screws too. They are all flat head and not philips head. Real sucky to use. Did I throw them out? Nah. You'll never know when you need a 1 inch #6. Five small tupperware containers doesn't take up that much room.

Everything else I found was all good and useful stuff. Some of it I had needed in the past couple of years and was happy to find. My plumb bob. A chalk line. Clamps. Bungie cords. Eighty or so pencils. Grinding wheels. Steel wool. Pipe wrench. Work gloves. Hole saws. All sorts of other stuff that I am forgetting now.

Life is good again.

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