Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Rednecks, their Dogs, and the Women Who Cash their Disability Checks

I am so sick of dogs. Everybody's got at least one, a lot have more than that, and they leave them tied up for hours where they yap and yelp and howl constantly.

I ask you, what is the point of having a dog if all you do is leave it tied up in the back yard all day, and as is the case with the neighbor behind us, all night?

The neighbor to the left us, I've mentioned her before, is never home, so mostly her three dogs are indoors, where I can play fun games with them, but when she is home all three of them are tied up in the front yard. And they are as stupid as all get out. I've lived here for over a year, why do you still bark at me when I come out the front door? And they stink. Bad. I can deal with it though.

The neighbors to the right have a golden retriever on a runner in the back yard 12/7. He runs over and barks like an idiot whenever my kids are in the back yard playing. I've thrown enough balls of clay and acorns at him that all I have to do is look at him and he will usually slink back to his doghouse made of pallets and chicken wire. My wife vetoed my idea of placing one section of stockade fencing at the end of his run so that he can't see directly into our yard. She'll go away for a weekend sometime...

The last dog I am going to talk about today is the worst. He lives on the property behind ours, and surprisingly his owners are neither rednecks or white trash, just ignorants. He is outside all day and all night every day yapping and whining and barking and howling and growling and yelping.

I actually feel bad for him, the Ignorants have a fenced-in yard, yet they keep him tied up outside the fence on the back corner of the their property up against the creek on a 6 foot leash. I'm no animal rights activist, but that is just cruel.

Last night, as I struggled to fall asleep only to be repeatedly woken up on the cusp of sweet sweet dreams, I contemplated going out there and cutting his rope and letting him go. Not being sure of his temperament, concern for not only my safety but others, I opted to do nothing. A call to animal control is in the near future though.


Heidi said...

you can't blame a dog for neglect. 'bad' dogs are a direct result of bad owners.

gagknee said...

i can't tell if i am being lectured or not.

Heidi said...

no, i'm not lecturing you.
i'm just venting...if my dog's previous owner hadn't been such a jerkoff she wouldn't be a spasz.

cthaviland said...

My neighbors are the same way....they have two mini pinchers. They have 2.5 acres of yard and they are in a little 5x8 caged in fence....and they yap at everything....very annoying.

EssBee said...

We have a caged Rottweiler next door that barks all night too. I've contemplated vicodin + peanut butter, setting the dog free, calling animal control and going over and banging on their front door...however their house is getting foreclosed on and is up for auction TODAY so I am hoping against hope that that the dog will be leaving with them and that that will take place very soon.

Maybe you could check on whether any of your neighbors are behind on their mortgage? :-)

gagknee said...

ah, okay, heidi, i agree with you anyway. i wasn't sure if my point about my neighbors being 'tards came across.

nothing worse than a yappy dog. unless its a beagle.

the ones on either side of us arent or shouldn't be in any mortgage trouble since they bought the houses brand new in the 70s for a cool 40 grand. any mortgages should have been paid off years ago i would think.