Tuesday, March 06, 2007

For Sale by Idiot

I don't get the whole For Sale by Owner craze. Yeah, you are going to save yourself 10 or 20 grand or more in commissions, but when you put an ad in the paper and it says, "House for sale. 3 or 4 bedrooms. Must see. Call XXX-XXX-XXXX", you are not really doing a good job. I wouldn't call. You could be a man-rapist for all I know. You didn't specify a price, address, subdivision, style of the home, or a picture. How do I know you aren't some crazed lunatic who is going to pick me off with a 30 aught 6 when I come up the driveway.

But besides the fear of crazies, it's hard for the prospective homebuyer to find your house. I don't even bother. Occasionally I might pull up a few of the FSBO websites but its a pain, there are many and none of them have all of the same listings. It's so much easier to pull up a realtor site that is on MLS. You know you are getting the same listings that someone at some other realtor site is getting (usually). Also, it seems that a lot of FSBOs have a greatly inflated sense of what their house is worth, which is discouraging right from the start.

I love the FSBOs that just have a red and white "for sale by owner" sign in their yard with nothing else but a phone number. Ooo. I can't wait to get home to call that number...How about a price? Or maybe a listing sheet from a little box by your sign?

One of the great things about the internet is being able to search instantly for home s in a wide area with any conceivable criteria. See a picture, check the price, get the address and then drive by it to get a look see. If you like it, make an appointment, if not keep going.

Basically, I'm just annoyed because I am afraid that I am missing a good deal on some FSBO out there, but in deep down I know that I am not.


YouWho said...

"frickin fizbos" (that was our realtor when we were looking at houses)

Rob said...

I don't like the fact the realtors get such a large commission, but it is good to have one on your side.

Our last realtor did a lot of work for her commission. We were not easy to work with.

gagknee said...

forevermore they shall be known as frickbos.

susan is a demanding woman. we know, rob. we know.

disclaimer: any references to susan and or her alleged tendencies to be demanding are hereby declared as hearsay and for the purposes of this blog all legal restitution denied

EssBee said...

Wow. I thought you were my friend. I guess I just need to think of you as "Rob's friend". :-(