Thursday, March 08, 2007

Many Hats

I know that I said I was too tired to finish the last post, but I need some angst release.

Currently my duties at work include:

1. PC Tech - my computer is slow, my drives aren't mapped, hook me to that printer, etc.

2. PC Coordinator - (similar to a PC tech, but lower on the totem pole, like Help Desk without phones) getting new user accounts, getting people access to a multitude of crap, getting new hardware

3. Business Analyst - (while the current BA(BO) is out.) Determining the business, automation and technical needs of the department and determining how to meet those needs.

4. Project Manager - Getting the requirements and scope of any of the previously mentioned needs and coordinating with vendors and IT or the technical analyst (Me :)) about those needs and creating the schedule for development and testing and release.

5. Programmer - Working with the BA and PM in determining feasibility and timeline and scope for development of software projects (unfortunately I can never agree with myself or myself) and then creating prototypes, testing and release.

5a. I have 6 projects on my plate from 5 different supervisors/managers. One is almost done. The other 5, in a perfect world where I could actually work uninterrupted 4 or 5 hours a day, are at least a month's worth of work each. Of course everybody wants their project to be the highest priority and with no real higher authority above me to dictate priority I have to pick "who I want to piss off the least".

6. Liaison with the (I CAN'T CALL IT BY ITS REAL NAME) Expensive Software Analysis team to stay abreast of the $5 million software project for the department since I've been informed that I will be one of the system admins for it.

6a. The Expensive Software Analysis team consumes three hours of my day. Every day. 9 to 12.


Big A said...

It sounds like they really like you.

skape7 said...

I think you need to get paid more.

Rob said...

I think you need a job that doesn't involve a cubicle.

L-DUB said...

Sounds like most "high tech" jobs. I spend most of my day helping out other people and then getting yelled at because my own projects are suffering.

gagknee said...

I agree with all of you.