Saturday, March 17, 2007

Home Inspection

We had the home inspection yesterday. Nothing out of the ordinary except for a couple of faulty light switches, but those are like a buck each at Lowpot.

I got to get out of work early which is always nice, although I did fib a little and tell my boss I might be back.

No pictures yet. I probably should have brought my camera yesterday.

There's a creek in the backyard that turned into a rushing, um, whats in between a creek and a river? Well, it was pretty high with the torrential downpour we had all day yesterday. No danger of it flooding my house or anything but the back third of the yard was pretty soggy. Probably don't want to locate my shed back there.

I can't wait to hang my TV on the wall.


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gagknee said...

ahhh thanks youwho

YouWho said...

With all the various seasonal waterworks that run through my backyard, I've developed quite a vocabulary.