Thursday, March 08, 2007

Going to California

My entire life, most of it anyway, I always had the philosophy that when you are actually looking for a car there are none to be found that fit your criteria, but when you currently have a car that either runs or you owe too much on it, then it seems like there are a lot of "good" deals out there. With one exception, my 1982 Buick Regal. I was driving the Ford Empo at the time. Not looking for a new car, and no intention of buying a new car, I happened to drive by the Hilltop Chevrolet lot and I spied way in the back the most beautiful car of all time. A two tone '82 Regal. After whipping into a frantic u-turn I found a sales guy, hoping that it was a trade in or something. The first sales guy I found said that it was his and he had just bought it at an auction.

I test drove it. A week later I had begged, borrowed and stealed the thousand bucks I needed to buy it. (Remember when a thousand bucks was almost impossible to come up with?)

Best. Car. Ever. I wish I could have kept it.

Anyway, back to raison de post. It seems like whenever you aren't looking to buy something there are tons available, but when you are ready or desperate to plunk down cold hard cash (or credit i.e. many years of your life) the market vanishes.

(to be continued, I'm tired)

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