Thursday, March 15, 2007

Television Seen Before and Not Seen Ever

That was one of my favorite episodes of The Office, and had 30 Rock been on tonight (nbc sucks) it would have still been ranked #1.

I'm not sure about the Andy Richter show. It wasn't bad, but unless it's in a time slot where I am already watching TV after this one episode I wouldn't be seeking it out just yet.

The Andy Bernard character on The Office is great, but I, and several other people the I know, didn't know what happened to him after this episode. He kind of vanished. Little did we know that we had missed the little epilogue telling us that he was in anger management. Looking forward to his return.

In other news, in French class in high school my French name was Bernard. My first name is Andy.


gagknee said...

i realized this afternoon that this episode of the office was a "newpeat" and the scene with andy at the end had never be aired before.

Nate said...

Which is just stupid.

YouWho said...

Oh really? Too bad I deleted it without watching since I thought I'd seen it. What is NBC thinking... Maybe they are trying to punish us for not watching repeats?

gagknee said...

Yes, it was stupid and yes they are punishing us. which is like getting punished for not eating all of your dessert. asinine.