Sunday, March 25, 2007

Saturday Fun

We took advantage of the nice weather on Saturday and went to Belle Isle and the Canal Walk in Richmond.

I took a bunch of pictures. Here are a few.

Richmond Skyline

Log jam

There were people actually swimming here and using the rope swing before I took the picture. I'll be back to try it when the weather is a little bit warmer. The current was pretty strong there. As soon as you hit the water you have to start swimming back.
Rope Swing

You can make out the foot bridge that is used to cross the river to get to Belle Isle. I thought I had taken a better picture of this, but I was having issues with my camera. It malfunctioned a few times. I blame the Ray-o-vac batteries.
Lee Bridge


Rob said...

I have never been swimming in that part of the river. The water becomes very clear if it hasn't rained for a while.

Anonymous said...

Nice pictured. A few with your familyin themwould have been nice...