Friday, March 02, 2007

See, TV, Must

In order of good to bad, with 1 being the best, in my opinion of course.

1. 30 Rock
2. My Name is Earl
3. The Office - This was a repeat. The other three shows might have been repeats too, but I had never seen them. If I had never seen this episode of The Office, I would probably bump it up to #2.
4. Scrubs - it was funny when he poked fun at sitcoms that are lazy and do flashbacks. That didn't save it from the 2nd straight week at #4.


slskenyon said...

Is 30 Rock really that good? I have kind of been avoiding it, given it had a lot of that "novel hype" on TV and in the news.

gagknee said...

its that good. it took me awhile to bite the bullet and watch it. i was turned off by the large number of SNL alumni and the fact that it is a sitcom based on an SNL type show. and since SNL sucks...but i am glad i did start to watch it.

Heidi said...

that episode of scrubs was almost as bad as the 'musical' one. i'm afraid they are starting to lose me.

YouWho said...

Agree, Scrubs was weak. And their self-effacing joke about clip shows didn't make it any better.

Big A said...

30 ROCK was good. It took me a while to come around, too - but it's good. Way better than the other SNL takeoff that came out this year. Can't even remember the name. Earl WAS a repeat.

gagknee said...

how many years has scrubs been on? they wasted they're prime years being bounced around NBCs anemic lineup. NBC sucks.