Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Four in the Morning

I wake up a lot at or around 4 in the morning and cannot fall asleep again sometimes for hours. Each time this happens after about 20 minutes I swear I am going to go out into the living room and watch TV or catch up on the dozens of web comics I read, but that never happens. Stubbornly clinging to the hope that I can eventually fall asleep before my alarm goes off, I just end up tossing and turning, my mind racing from inane topics to the larger issues that a 30 something father of three faces in daily life.

I realized today that I always sleep better on the couch. Within minutes of resting my head on the armrest I am running around in the land of chocolate in my mind. So, I decided that the next time I can't sleep I am going to do one of two things, one, if its a worknight, move immediately to the couch upon self diagnosis of a sleeping problem, and two, if its a weekend night, load up the ATV in the truck and drive to West Virginia and go riding.


Rob said...

I usually wake up at 5 am and can't go back to sleep. So when you load up your machine to go to West Virginia, by the time you get to my house I will be up and ready to go.

gagknee said...

if you say things like that in public you better mean it, because that day might come.

even if i don't have insomnia, i might just wake up at 4 for the heck of it just to go riding.

skape7 said...

THE LAND OF CHOCOLATE! That's my all time favourite Simpsons bit.

4am sucks.

Try snuggling into your wifey, and concentrating completely on your very slow, deep breathing. Don't think! Just stay still, be patient, relax and breathe. It's harder than it sounds but if you get it, it should only take a couple of minutes before you drop back off.