Sunday, March 25, 2007

Inside Pictures

Its not much, I got them from the appraisal. I had to take screenshots of the pdf.

The upstairs bath. Not a master bath but the master bedroom does have its own entrance to it.

The downstairs family room

The kitchen


skape7 said...

Don't know what houses are like over there in general, but it looks pretty good! Do you mind me asking how much you paid? Be interesting to compare it to over here, where houses are getting increasingly expensive! Thought it looked cute from the outside too by the way.

EssBee said...

Your kitchen is wonderful! And I love the tile in the family room and bathroom - it's neat how they angled the tile. Can't wait to see it in person!

gagknee said...

i dont mind, 180 grand. let me know how that compares.

yeah, i thought the angled tile was a neat touch.

skape7 said...

Holy Crapoly. It's not possible to get a house that price here unless you want to travel over an hour to get anywhere of significance. Maybe in a country town somewhere interstate? But not Brisbane. The one I sold last August went for 319 and that would now be considered cheap. My beloved is looking for a local one at the moment and hoping for something under 340.

gagknee said...


there are a lot of places in this country like that too. one of the reasons why i moved from the North to The South