Wednesday, August 22, 2007

At Work

I tend to write programs based on what I would like to do rather than what I am supposed to do.

Boss #x: Did you go through that list of programs of which you know nothing about, dissect the code, and determine if it can be remediated?

Me (What I said): Phew, wow, all that stuff, it's such a maze, this program connects to that program and this program, and this program also feeds into this database. I'm trying but it's gonna take a little time.

Me (What I was thinking): Nah, as far as I am concerned all of your programs can be remediated, I spent the day writing something in to parse these gawd awful text files that our system generates and tomorrow I am going to do it in C#. Why? Because.

1 comment:

slskenyon said...

Yes, the "like" and the "should" rarely cross in anything we do.