Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Snakes on a Plant

Doing some yard work the other day, and a snake slithered out of a pile of dirt and roots that I was raking up. About 8 inches long. Still made me jump though. In telling this story to numerous people, the snake was described by me as looking "kinda like a big worm."

Well lo and behold, the mighty Eastern Wormsnake:


skape7 said...

Living in the country which houses more of the deadliest creatures on earth than any other and living fairly close to bushland areas, I am quite suprised that I have only seen a snake in the wild three times. The first one was a huge green python coiled up in a big rainforest plant at the botanic gardens. The second one was a small brown snake (possibly poisonous) which was sunniing itself on the path in the very same gardens. The third one was in my back yard at the first rental I lived in. It was a harmless green tree snake, quite small, but I was amazed (and a little freaked out) by how damn fast this thing moved. It was the first time I've ever seen one in action.

gagknee said...

seriously, i think the smaller they are the faster they move. this little sucker was pretty fast.

i've seen bigger snakes and they were definitely slower.