Thursday, August 23, 2007

At Work

There are always certain people at work who drive you nuts. All you have to do is see their face. They don't even have to speak in order for you to cringe and/or hide, and usually they each have their own personal catch phrase. Here are some of my coworkers catch phrases, past and present that make me shiver and sometimes wet my pants:

"Quick question for yuh"

"It's doing this and this and this. Why?" or simply "Why?"

"Recompile the kernel"

"We've got a problem"

"Whudya find?"

"Heeey, Andy"

"What would it take to..."

"I need you to fix my problem"

"Do you see what I mean?"

"That just can't happen"

"Why does it do that?"

"You got anything for me?"

In and of themselves most of these phrases are pretty innocuous, but I associate each one of them to a specific customer/user who has haunted me over the past ten years.

When I resigned from a job in Manch Vegas where I worked for three years, my boss said to me, "It's not because of Larry, right? Because there will be a Larry in any company you work for."

Obviously, I knew that, and its not the reason I quit, but it's true. Every company has its Larry.


skape7 said...


Off the top of my head some of the phrases which create that exact same effect on me are:

"C'mon Floss!" and
"Guess What!?"


I can't wait til the day I get to be a full time stay at home mum.

Beastie said...

Full time stay at home mom? Then you will have the kids repeating their favourite things, which of course the more it irks you the more they say it. Like...

"Thats so random..." And he doesn't even know what random really means...

"Mooooooooom/Daaaaaaad (insert sibling) is hurting me"

"Do I have to?"

"Just a minute."

"No no no" - sung just like from the Rehab song

"Bow chicka wow wow" - after that stupid commercial for Axe...

Heidi said...

does anyone else wonder what Andy would've blogged about GIS?

L-DUB said...

Why is it always a "Larry" that gets picked on?

Anyway... I call "those people" at my work "Andy" :)

gagknee said...

heidi, i could start doing some flashback-type blogging?

sorry, larry, no offense to you and all of the other normal upstanding larrys of the world. the guy i was referring to really was named larry.

L-DUB said...

I wonder... Am I somebody's "Larry"?