Friday, August 10, 2007

Thanks for Nothing

Sorry for another work story, but I lead a pretty dull but angst filled life.

Yesterday, Thursday, apparently was designated "wear whatever the &#%! you want day" because of the 100 degree+ temperatures and the fact that our building is a dump and the AC doesn't always work.

The problem is nobody bother to tell me.

I show up wearing a long sleeve shirt (I've got some kind of allergy skin thing going on right now so I've been wearing long sleeves to keep from scratching) and khakis and everybody else is wearing flip flops, tshirts and shorts!

The last time I was that mad was when a previous boss told me to put down my pop tart and start making him some money.

Today was "wear whatever the #@$! you want day" too. Luckily, some people let me know. Its amazing what a little brute force and/or stealing their keyboards will do.

No flip flops for me but there is something about shorts and a t shirt that is so liberating. I do own a pair of flip flops, but I rarely wear them. My wife doesn't understand why. "What if I need to make a quick getaway or run away from some thugs?" Can't do that in flip flops. "What if I feel like whipping out my spade and digging a hole?" Can't do that in flip flops. The list of things I can't do in flip flops is too long to justify wearing them very often.


EssBee said...

Although, when you wear flips flops and they make that "slap, slap, slap" sound down the hallway is kind of like a little "%$^& you" to the office environment with every step you take, don't you agree?

skape7 said...

We do everything in flip flops over here. Well, not EVERYTHING. Maybe just a lot of things.

gagknee said...

oooh. you are right susan.

at my last job, we could wear jeans every friday, but had to wear real shoes. one friday i decided to wear flip flops just to see what would happen. i remember the pattern of flipping and flopping reminded me of a kind of singsong "eff you"

skape7, i would appreciate it if you would could your flip flop fantasies to yourself, k? thanks.