Thursday, August 16, 2007

People are disgruntled at work

It's not just me and many of them are quitting. I can't wait until its my turn.

In other news, it was over a 100 degrees again today. I think I'll empty the icemaker into the kiddie pool while I watch TV.

One of my neighbor's cars (they have 6, 3 working) caught on fire. Apparently, the sun reflecting off the mirror ignited a pile of mulch.

Our cat, the one who disappeared for a month still isn't quite right. Probably suffering from post traumatic stress. He's very skittish and he has to be forced to go outside.

My daughter is watching Rachael Ray.

Today someone from my old department asked me if it was possible to do such and such. I nonchalantly told him, "Yeah." When I completed the task 15 minutes later you would think that I saved his granddaughter from a burning building. He was that excited. On and on he went about how much time I saved him. Later on in the day, he told me he and some of the other people in his group were "happier than pigs in sh*%" and "they've been looking for something like this for years." To which I replied, "I sat right next to those people for 9 months, all they had to do was ask me." But its just another example of why this job has been so frustrating ("Hey! Let's hire a programmer to fill out user request forms! Brilliant!"). Well, the old department anyway, the new department is frustrating in other ways. Like having a giant pile of poop dumped on your desk frustrating. It's not too bad most days though, except those days when there is an endless parade of whiners in and out of my office. If they offered me a sizable bonus (pretty dang sizable) to stay until the lights go out, I probably might not.

This guy who asked me to do this, he's alright, but I get a vibe from him that he probably has the largest collection of Asian porn in the South. Weird, I know.


skape7 said...

My guess is that Papi got catnapped by the wildlife.

gagknee said...

to paraphrase santa's little helper in the simpsons movie, "he had to do things no cat should ever have to do. they will haunt him forever."

slskenyon said...

My mother watches Rachel Ray, and to this day, I have yet to see a recipe I would want to replicate in my own kitchen.