Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Camping Tales

Went camping last weekend. It was fun. I love to camp. The last few times that I have gone however the temperatures were a bit cooler. Those weren't family trips, just strictly Rubbed (haha. I love old nicknames. (really old, like 9th grade old.) I was Andscrew. Our other friend was Russhole, the best nickname evah.) and I.

October 2001. In the George Washington National Forest, specifically Tasker's Gap, after four wheeling all day getting wet and muddy, we discovered the temperature had dropped to an unseasonable level for Virginia and we shivered the night away in our summer weight sleeping bags. Miserable. The riding wasn't even that good because I blew a tire that day, and the next day, after almost dying in the cold, I threw a camshaft bearing.

May, 2002. First year at Hatfield-McCoy, we stayed at the Twin-Hollow Campground. While I will never say anything bad about the residents of West Virginia, that first foray into the wilds of their state for two Northerners (I will never call myself a Yankee) was a little bit scary. Especially when we couldn't understand their language. We've adjusted since then. Anyway, the weather at that time of year was perfect. And unlike the previous camping trip and subsequent camping trips where we had to subsist on a diet of cured tubed meats cooked over flame, we were able here to ride into town to get decent food, but we still ate plenty of sausage in the evenings.

November 2004. Again with the George Washington National Forest, but this time we started at the Pedlar trail system. I was nervous, and I packed accordingly. Last time I camped in this area it was a month earlier and freakin' cold. No need to worry, we were fine this time. It probably didn't get colder than 40. The only trouble we had was finding firewood in the dark when we arrived in order to cook our meat tubes. Man, they were good.

But anyway, my most recent camping trip was with the family and we went to Pocahontas State Park which is about 20 minutes south of where we live. Very family friendly, albeit boring, complete with four pools and two water slides. The only problem was the oppressinve heat. When it's a 100 its hard to sleep in, on or around a sleeping bag. Period. Other than that, it was good. And I made sure to ingest a healthy quantity of tubed meat. It was really hard to get a fire going in the humidity though. It took up to an hour of me babysitting the fire, coaxing it and telling it that it was the best fire in the world, before it worked up enough coals and caught on to some bigger pieces of wood to not need constant caring over.

Oh, I forgot to mention, while camping last weekend we saw several of these Skinks crawling up and over and around our tents and nearby trees. Apparently, they are pretty common.


Granite said...

Pocahantas! We camped there a few years ago. They had a cool pool setup there. I got hammered on Jack Daniels one night and went all hungover to King's Dominion the next day. Bad idea!!!!

Rob said...

That first camping trip to GWNF was the second most extended coldest experience of my life.

The most coldest experience of my life is when we went riding in the rain and snow over Thanksgiving 1999 with no rain gear. That was painful.

slskenyon said...

The humidity is indeed oppressive--up here in NE, last weekend, the temp didn't go above 75, but lots of people were absolultely miserable because of how high the humidity was. Nothing like Gatorade for that.

gagknee said...

Yeah, the pool is great. at one point they closed the childrens pool because someone pooped in it. in one of the other pools everybody in it decided to turn it into a whirlpool. very fun. Ooo. Hangover + Drop Zone Stunt Tower = Pain.

rob, me too. Me too. The problem with that thanksgiving ride is there was no escape. we HAD to continue riding in order to get home.

ya know, i think its worse when the temperature is that low and there is high humidity. everything is damp and clammy. awful.