Tuesday, August 28, 2007

At Work

"Let's give him as little information as possible, use as much financial mumbo jumbo as we can, act like the fate of the company is in his hands, and ask him to fix a program he has never seen or heard of, let alone written, which is performing a function he doesn't understand because he's only been here for 3 weeks and has never had any Dividend department training, and then ask him every 15 minutes how its going."

eff off.

Multiplied by five, the number of people who did this to me today. Oh yeah sure, suck it up, gagknee, you say. You're makin' the big bucks. Oh yeah, why don't you say it to my face? (hehehe, I'm kidding, I just like to repeat 6th grade playgroundese (then we would shove each other a few times before grappling into a mutual headlock)).

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